Collecting Evidence with Securus Technologies to Prosecute Criminals

In all my years in law enforcement, one thing that I can say has never changed in all those decades is that criminals will eventually sink their own ships if you give them enough time. The thinking is this, they execute the perfect crime, but how much of a rush is that for them if they can not brag about it. That bragging is what usually comes back to bite them in the end.


It doesn’t matter if a fugitive has just robbed a bank for $100,000 or murdered three people and is still on the streets. They want to feel that they pulled off something huge, and it means nothing to them if they can’t tell someone. Over the years I have developed some unique ways to get those around these fugitives to talk, but technology today is making my job even that much easier and helping to keep our streets safer for all of us.


To give you an example of this technology in action, we only need to look at Securus Technologies. This company is responsible for the new inmate communication system in our jail, allowing us to monitor the calls inmates make. A bit about the company and CEO Rick Smith, his Dallas based company now employs over 1,000 people who all work under one objective, helping to make the world safer for each of us.


I was trained to use the system and on the LBS software, and it allows us to now decipher messages these inmates use to talk to family and friends in code. They think they are talking about hiding evidence safely, but we can hear the chatter and take action. When inmates are talking about how they got away with murder and will be getting out soon, we can use those calls as evidence to make their stay a little longer in our jails.