Bruce Levenson Leaves Sports Ownership To Run Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson, the former NBA owner and business magnate is now focusing on a new career path at Do Good Institute. Do Good Institute is a school of philanthropy at the University of Maryland that exists for the purpose of encouraging students to use creative thinking skills to do charity work, Levenson had started Do Good Institute about 6 years ago but began to focus on it more once he had sold the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson believes philanthropy should be a big part of your business career, and Do Good Institute is all about showing how young entrepreneurs can use their skills to run a charity and help it gain support.

Bruce Levenson was a journalist at the early stages of his career doing writing for the Washington Star while he was in law school. Even though he received a J.D. at American University, Levenson never officially practiced law. He instead started Unified Communications Group (UCG), a high-tech publications company that grew out of one apartment that he and Ed Peskowitz owned, into an international service company. UCG is the company that started GasBuddy and TechTarget. In 2004 Levenson and Peskowitz purchased most of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks shares and owned the team until 2015.

Along with Do Good Institute, Levenson has started much philanthropy in the Washington D.C. area including Hoop Dreams, a youth basketball program for raising scholarship funds, and a similar effort when he chaired the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. Levenson also has a deep Jewish heritage that he is proud of and a mother-in-law who is a Holocaust survivor and Levenson made a large donation to the Holocaust Memorial Museum where he is a notable trustee. Other groups Levenson supports include SEED Foundation, Seeds of Peace and BBYO, and he’s also worked with the Anti-Defamation League on anti-bigotry events. Visit for moreĀ  information.