Jason Hope – IoT

Jason Hope, a philanthropist and tech entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale Arizona, has an open mind about the future of the technology world.

Jason Hope’s articles are often regarded amongst the who’s who in the industry with what direction the tech world is headed in. He wrote in 2015 that the Internet of Things was booming and that wearables were going to lead that boom. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to devices and objects connected to the internet via wifi and these items are able to communicate and sync with each other.

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This could be anything from a child’s toy to your kitchen toaster. Essentially allowing devices to connect and increase their efficiency. The Internet of Things stands to change the way that all people and businesses work and interact with each other.

For 2017 this technology might just be convenient for its users, but Hope thinks that it will be the only way towards the future in the years to come. While most only envision the internet as being accessible from their smartphone or their computer right now, soon companies will be vying for the greatest tech that can bring these all together into one single app that spans multiple devices and scenarios. Transportation is one example of an industry that has benefited from the IoT, Hope declares. Smarter technology has allowed for better monitoring and maintenance for buses and real-time route information to increase travel times and avoid dangerous conditions.

Jason Hope’s confidence in the Internet of Things seems well placed and will hopefully lead to a brighter, safer, and smarter future for us all.

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