JeanMarie Guenot’s Career At Amphivena


According to their website, JeanMarie Guenot is president and chief executive officer of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. This is a company which is involved in the development of innovative therapy to deal with hematologic malignancies. Jeanmarie’s experience, of over two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, puts her head and shoulders above many of the professionals in the same industry.



Why Amphivena



The services, which Dr. JeanMarie offers through her leadership team at Amphivena, are dedicated to the eradication of blood cancers. This is possible through the use of a breakthrough therapy. This therapy harnesses a patient’s immune system destroying the tumor cells. Amphivena plans to restore cellular balance to enhance proper formation of blood in the body and circulation. This therapy is restorative to cancer victims as it enhances the flow of clean blood through the patient’s veins.



Jeanmarie Guenot’s Career



While she is currently in Amphivena’s leadership team, Jeanmarie has not always worked for Amphivena Therapeutics. Prior to joining Amphivena, shows Dr. Guenot founded and grew SKS Ocular. SKS was just a new ophthalmic company dealing with dry AMD. It also dealt with delivering technologies for glaucoma, ocular inflammation and macular degeneration.



JeanMarie Guenot also worked as Hoffmann-La Roche’s business adviser. She advised both the Shanghai and Basel branches of the business. At PDL BioPharma she was the vice president charged with the company’s corporate and business development. This meant that she was the leader in all matters of licensing, acquisitions, mergers and management of alliances on PDL’s behalf. She was instrumental in the negotiation of PDL’s co-commercialization and strategic collaboration involving three candidates in phase 2 cancer autoimmune drug.



Scientific Career



Prior to this Dr. Guenot worked at Atlas Venture where she was responsible for capital investments. She also worked towards the development of life science organizations. Dr. Guenot’s scientific career began at Hoffmann-La Roche’s pre-clinical research and design labs. Here, she developed drugs for autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, oncology and inflammation.






JeanMarie Guenot was trained in medicinal and physical chemistry. Her focus was quantum mechanical methods for protein structure, x-ray, molecular dynamics, drug design and NRM refinement. She also studied semi-empirical methods. She earned an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Her PhD was earned from San Francisco’s University of California.