Fool Your Classmates and Time with DIY Edible School Supplies by Wengie

If you find yourself constantly hungry or bored in class, check out YouTube sensation Wengie and her latest DIY Edible School Supplies video. She provides eight different safe to eat tricks that you can make yourself to prank your friends and classmates, and add a bit of entertainment in the classroom. These will not only satisfy your stomach, but your mind as well.

Amaze your classmates by eating edible pencil shavings that you make from shaving down some brazil nuts with a knife (parental supervision recommended for younger users), and a clean sharpener. Forget about erasing your mistakes when you are trying to kill time. Eat your own gummy eraser instead made with water, milk (or condensed milk), gelatin, and colored jelly powder. Or shave down some candy mousse sticks and fit them into your clickable eraser pens to get satisfy your afternoon snack cravings. Find yourself chewing on the tip of your pencils out of complete boredom? Swap out the erasers on your wooden pencils with some rolled out gum instead to add a bit of flavor to your boring lecture.

Do you tend to doodle when your attention span is off? Create edible crayons with some gelatin, flavored colored jelly, thick straws, duct tape, a tall glass cup, a funnel, and some water. Make craft markers that are safe to drawn with and taste by swapping out cake food pens and adding them with Kool-Aid and water (using a syringe) to create edible works of art.

Feeling extra hungry? Prank your classmates by drinking your own edible glue, made with an empty washed out glue bottle, glucose (liquid sugar), and a funnel. Or snack on a totally eatable glue stick, created with a cleaned out glue stick container and stamped out Starburst candy of colors of your choosing.