JeanMarie Guenot’s Career At Amphivena


According to their website, JeanMarie Guenot is president and chief executive officer of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. This is a company which is involved in the development of innovative therapy to deal with hematologic malignancies. Jeanmarie’s experience, of over two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, puts her head and shoulders above many of the professionals in the same industry.



Why Amphivena



The services, which Dr. JeanMarie offers through her leadership team at Amphivena, are dedicated to the eradication of blood cancers. This is possible through the use of a breakthrough therapy. This therapy harnesses a patient’s immune system destroying the tumor cells. Amphivena plans to restore cellular balance to enhance proper formation of blood in the body and circulation. This therapy is restorative to cancer victims as it enhances the flow of clean blood through the patient’s veins.



Jeanmarie Guenot’s Career



While she is currently in Amphivena’s leadership team, Jeanmarie has not always worked for Amphivena Therapeutics. Prior to joining Amphivena, shows Dr. Guenot founded and grew SKS Ocular. SKS was just a new ophthalmic company dealing with dry AMD. It also dealt with delivering technologies for glaucoma, ocular inflammation and macular degeneration.



JeanMarie Guenot also worked as Hoffmann-La Roche’s business adviser. She advised both the Shanghai and Basel branches of the business. At PDL BioPharma she was the vice president charged with the company’s corporate and business development. This meant that she was the leader in all matters of licensing, acquisitions, mergers and management of alliances on PDL’s behalf. She was instrumental in the negotiation of PDL’s co-commercialization and strategic collaboration involving three candidates in phase 2 cancer autoimmune drug.



Scientific Career



Prior to this Dr. Guenot worked at Atlas Venture where she was responsible for capital investments. She also worked towards the development of life science organizations. Dr. Guenot’s scientific career began at Hoffmann-La Roche’s pre-clinical research and design labs. Here, she developed drugs for autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, oncology and inflammation.






JeanMarie Guenot was trained in medicinal and physical chemistry. Her focus was quantum mechanical methods for protein structure, x-ray, molecular dynamics, drug design and NRM refinement. She also studied semi-empirical methods. She earned an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Her PhD was earned from San Francisco’s University of California.

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Career life of Dr.  Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is an America physician who was born on March 7, 1972 in New Jersey which is a northeastern U.S state located 130 miles near the Atlantic Ocean. He attended the university where he earned a B.A in biology and psychology and a DDS from New York University College of dentistry. He graduated in 1997 and started working in Robert Johnson hospital in the dental department.

Since he was a kid, Avi Weisfogel has always been a fan of nice teeth all his life. His interest in learning new ideas has seen him venture into multiple programs and learning. His love of what he does and belief in patients having the best made him learn anything that could ease his job or made the patients feel better. Being a continuing education enthusiast, Avi takes at least two hundred hours in continuing education annually. This has enabled him to provide solutions to isolated cases referred to him by other dentists or patients that have visited a bunch of dentist without substantial results.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel delivered dentistry solutions as well as initiate brilliant smiles to many patients as a dentist in East Brunswick for over ten years. He established the Old Bridge Dental Care where he served as a dentist establishing himself as a patient-centered care provider. From 2007 to 2013, Avi earned recognition as a top cosmetic, implant, and sedation dentist from the Consumer Research Council. In the year 2012, Dr. Avi established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he began lecturing dentists on ways of enhancing service to sleep patients. In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters which additionally helps dentists access the world of sleep by use of oral appliances while treating sleep disorders.

Apart from his professional responsibilities as a dentist, Dr. Avi is an incredible philanthropist who donates a momentous fraction of his earnings annually to a range various charitable cause.He spends his free time enjoying a range of hobbies among them, spending time with his family, watching and sports reading.

Fool Your Classmates and Time with DIY Edible School Supplies by Wengie

If you find yourself constantly hungry or bored in class, check out YouTube sensation Wengie and her latest DIY Edible School Supplies video. She provides eight different safe to eat tricks that you can make yourself to prank your friends and classmates, and add a bit of entertainment in the classroom. These will not only satisfy your stomach, but your mind as well.

Amaze your classmates by eating edible pencil shavings that you make from shaving down some brazil nuts with a knife (parental supervision recommended for younger users), and a clean sharpener. Forget about erasing your mistakes when you are trying to kill time. Eat your own gummy eraser instead made with water, milk (or condensed milk), gelatin, and colored jelly powder. Or shave down some candy mousse sticks and fit them into your clickable eraser pens to get satisfy your afternoon snack cravings. Find yourself chewing on the tip of your pencils out of complete boredom? Swap out the erasers on your wooden pencils with some rolled out gum instead to add a bit of flavor to your boring lecture.

Do you tend to doodle when your attention span is off? Create edible crayons with some gelatin, flavored colored jelly, thick straws, duct tape, a tall glass cup, a funnel, and some water. Make craft markers that are safe to drawn with and taste by swapping out cake food pens and adding them with Kool-Aid and water (using a syringe) to create edible works of art.

Feeling extra hungry? Prank your classmates by drinking your own edible glue, made with an empty washed out glue bottle, glucose (liquid sugar), and a funnel. Or snack on a totally eatable glue stick, created with a cleaned out glue stick container and stamped out Starburst candy of colors of your choosing.

Kabbalah Centre History of Teaching Universal Wisdom

The study of universal wisdom, known as Kabbalah comes from Zohar (ancient texts) and writings of Rav Isaac Luria. During ancient times, Adam, Abraham, and Moses were taught the knowledge of Zohar, which was traditionally restricted to Jewish law scholars. In the 13th Century, the study of wisdom united Jewish rituals, beliefs, and the concepts of Esoteric. Access to the writings of Kabbalah was forbidden without supervision of kabbalists and rabbis in the 18th century. Its texts were coded, cryptic, and handwritten knowingly to prevent others from misinterpreting its knowledge.

Rav Shimon Bar Yochai authored the book of all wisdom, which was written in Aramaic by his student, Rav Abba in second century CE. Between the 1500’s and 1800’s, kabbalist studies expanded to the Jewish communities in Middle East and Europe. During those times kabbalists practiced Judaism in worship, rituals, and the study of Torah. Their strongest beliefs were that everything in the universe is connected and earthly actions have an influence on matters in existing realms. Traditionally, they pilgrimage to spiritual sites, studied at midnight, and practiced meditations.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag was among the men who studied kabbalah in Jerusalem to increase their knowledge, in the 1900’s. He moved to Israel in 1921 and one later, to Jerusalem where Kabbalah Centre history began and kabbalist teachings transformed to modern 20th Century. Rav Yehuda translated the ancient Aramaic language of Zohar into the modern Hebrew language. After his passing, two students, Rav Berg and Rav Brandwein became leaders of the Centre.

Today, the Kabbalah Centre has extended its existence to locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceanic, and Middle East. The non-profit organization teaches students the principles of kabbalah to use as life tools for the formation of joy and lifelong fulfillment. The Centre offers studies at all locations through classroom settings, online courses, audio, books, and lectures. The secrets of Zohar are now available to the world and translated for easier understanding to apply to everyday life circumstances. Kabbalist Rav Yehuda is the master mind behind the interpretation of the ancient texts to modern teachings of wisdom, practiced and studied by millions of people.