How Does Kenneth Goodgame Make True Value Hardware Stores Better?

Kenneth Goodgame has become something of a merchandising marvel since taking over at True Value Hardware. His role as senior vice president leaves him in-charge of how every appears, and his merchandising prowess helps the business remain true to its roots. This article reviews what a True Value Hardware store looks like today, and Kenneth’s image of the company allows customers to feel nostalgic on every visit.

#1: True Value Is An Antique Brand

Hardware stores of the new age have been around for a few decades while True Value has been an American staple since the days of black and white pictures. Every store conjures images of a time gone by where fathers and their sons shopped for building supplies before going home for a weekend project. The stores are far smaller than the competition, and they are far easier to shop. It is quite simple to see why True Value is still popular, and the interior of every store simply feels friendly.

#2: Kenneth Believes The Company Must Remain True To Its Roots

Kenneth Goodgame is a modern man, but he is not willing to force the company the become instantly modern. He allows True Value to stay the simple and approachable company it is today, and the greeting at the front register means more to him than created a store that he views as overdone.

#3: True Value Wishes To Remain In Its Bubble

Larger hardware outlets have moved into an environment where they sell everything under the sun, and they are packing their stores with more products than they may sell in a year. True Value wishes to remain a bit smaller, and they are keeping their product offering slightly subdued to ensure customers are not overwhelmed by the sheer number of items available on the shelves.

Kenneth Goodgame’s passion for merchandising has transformed True Value into a modern company that has not bent with the times. They are a small box store that looks beautiful on its interior, and they offer a lovely greeting at the front door. Kenneth’s work ensures the company is not overdoing what is a simple retail model.

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