BBB Accredits Securus, A Criminal Justice Tech Company

I am about to describe to you a dream scenario for any business owner. Imagine providing a service to over 1 million people. This group of people has no choice but to use your service and this service is an integral part of life. There is no competition and you can charge whatever you would like for this important service. What would you do?


Some business owners would run a skeleton crew staff in order to save on costs. You might even jack up the price in order to make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. And there would be no incentive to provide good customer service because your customer base has no choice but to use what you provide.


This is the route that a company called Global Tel-Link has taken. The telecommunications conglomerate rakes in over $500 million per year raising prices on the telephone services they provide to prisoners and their families. They have an exclusive government contract to provide the services with no competition which allows them to drive up the price considerably.


But there is a also a company called Securus. This telecommunications competitor takes a completely different and ethical approach. They charge reasonable rates for telephone services and also provide video chat services to prisoners. They employ a 220 seat customer service call center which can respond to 2.5 million calls per month. They resolve 99.9% of all concerns on the first call and average in 11 second hold for incoming calls.


Securus even pays the Better Business Bureau for constant monitoring in order to upkeep a BBB accreditation. The accreditation is the highest award given by the BBB and it is shocking to hear that a company like Securus has achieved such an accreditation. After all, they are in a position of power which they apparently do not abuse.