George Soros, The Democratic Gas Pump

The blue lights are on, sirens piercing, and the blue-streak is racing down the days until November 8th, 2016.

Billionaire George Soros is on cruise control, and the gear shift is in first. The speedometer reads supersonic. The sonic boom is heard far and wide, and loud.

Earlier this year, the blue caped crusader was snoozing at the wheel, as he let the political bus amble down the road. The executive entourage were jockeying for position for US President on Biography. It was unassuming in January that Donald Trump would grab the red cloak, and mask the Republican superhero. Furthermore, the Democrats were predictability solid after an eight term president. However, as the convoy traveled along the political highway, the Donald showed himself to be a semi-truck, and Hillary was a suburban. So, George Soros rose to the occasion offering to ramp-up Hillary Clinton’s campaign, investing $25 million to overhaul the Democratic family car.

Now, George Soros is a grandpa of the free world, at 85 years old when he looks in the world rear-view mirror he sees a lot of injustice. His father was taken captive during World War I (thankfully he escaped). However, that experience, plus the whole World War tragedy forced George to grow up really fast, and as a teen he understood the dangers of tyranny. He is an immigrant, like so many other Americans, he was born in Hungary. He is one to be revered; he created the Open Society Foundations. George Soros is not scrimpy when it comes to charitable causes; he does not donate toll booth fares, but multi-million dollars, enough money to run a large scale company with hundreds of employees.

It becomes very clear, the United States arteries of government are money driven, but not just a buck here and a dollar there; no, they are driven by the elite. Hillary Clinton maybe driving the car, but George Soros is paying for the gas. This one single issue is significant, and worth pondering on, can it be true that one solitary person can change the landscape of American? Can it be shown that even if the United States having a population of 322 million, and they all vote, that no matter the case, only one single investment into the political campaign can influence the outcome.

It is interesting to note that Saudi Arabia oil tycoons have funded 20 percent of Hillary Clinton’s campaign; consequently, do the American people actually have any influence. Donald Trump says he is 100 percent self-funded, contributing $13 million to his campaign. He like Hillary receives individual donations caped by federal guidelines at $2,700 per candidate per election. But outstandingly Donald Trump puts up a lot of his own money in comparison to Hillary and her big-money donors, notably George Soros.