Marc Sparks: From Bare-bones to Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a Dallas-based entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He has started and maintained many successful businesses and is a proven venture capitalist. Sparks demonstrates a strong faith in God and attributes much of his success to his faith.

Sparks showed a knack for business at an early age. The budding entrepreneur wasn’t the best student and never earned a college degree, but he quickly showed a natural instinct for business concepts. Born in Austin, Texas he graduated from high school and quickly dove into the business sector. His initial start-up based on insurance sales blew up shortly after its inception. Sparks claims these failures have kept him humble and taught him valuable lessons for his future successes. He has gone on to begin and fund dozens of successful ventures in real estate, technology, and telecommunications.

Sparks is most famous for his ownership and involvement with his start-up private equity firm Timber Creek Capital. As a principal to the company he provides support to other start-up ventures looking to become profit-generating endeavors. In this role he is able to live out his dream of helping other entrepreneurs find success.

Sparks has also recently been involved with a start-up called Spark Tank. Spark Tank was created as another avenue for helping young up and coming entrepreneurs find the inspiration, capital, connections, and support required for taking their business ideas to the next level. The program focuses specifically on entrepreneurs with an idea for social revolution. Candidate apply online and must be from the non-profit sector. Finalists are selected to receive small grants and mentorship opportunities with the hope that their ideas will lead to positive social impact in their communities.

It is obvious that Sparks has a passion for helping others. Outside of business he is also involved in many philanthropic initiatives. He regularly volunteers with a large homeless shelter in his home state of Texas. The Good Samaritan offers housing, counseling, financial education, and job placement opportunities. He also regularly works with Habitat for Humanity and he also funds the “Sparky’s Kids” Foundation which donates computers to underprivileged children in the hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty.

When not involved in business or volunteer opportunities, Marc enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and biking. He also enjoys journaling about his experiences and has recently transformed his work into a successful book called “They Can’t Eat You” which highlights both his successes and lessons learned as an entrepreneur.

Sparks is definitely an inspiration to any aspiring entrepreneur. His ability to find success against all odds serves as a lesson in persistence and self-belief and is an admirable and heart-felt success story!

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