Investor Kyle Bass Thinks Betting Against China’s Currency Is His Next Big Pay Day


Hedge fund investors like Kyle Bass like to bet big and win. Bass has been at the top of the investment industry for the last eight years. He bet the subprime mortgage industry was going to collapse in 2008, and that investment made him very rich. The 2008 financial collapse made his investors richer while the rest of the country tried to avoid bankruptcy. Bass didn’t waste any time building a hedge fund that produced excellent returns. He was riding high until two years ago. That’s when some of his investments started to fall apart. But he is convinced poor results are behind him now. His latest bet against China’s currency is a sure winner, according to Bass.



But China is a formidable foe even though the country is having its share of economic and financial setbacks. Bass believes China is going to be forced to use capital reserves once again to keep their banking system solvent. If they do use part of their trillions in capital reserves, the yuan will fall in value against the U.S. dollar and the German mark. If that happens over the next three years, Bass and his investment firm, Hayman Capital, will make another fortune. Hayman Capital sold 75 percent of the stocks in the fund’s portfolio and invested that money in shorting the yuan.



That investment is risky, but Bass lives to take risks. He risked his credibility when he took his friend Cristina de Kirchner side when she decided to default on Argentina bonds and leave four other hedge funds holding billions in bad paper. He took a big risk when he stood behind General Motors when people died because of faulty airbags and steering mechanisms. And he is taking another risk by betting that drug company stocks will drop when the news breaks that they are being investigated for price fixing. Bass is getting inside information from one of the instigators of those claims, Erich Spangenberg. Kyle Bass has a tarnished reputation, and his bet against the Chinese yuan is his comeback story. Bass needs something to bring his credibility rating back to the positive side, but betting against China is a dangerous way to do that.

David Osio’s Davos Real Estate Group Release A New Mobile Application

The Davos Real Estate Group (REG) released a new mobile application available for both iPhone and Android users. This application, the Davos CAP Calculator, shows the group’s clients the returns that they could receive on future real estate investments, once they contemplate the costs relating to the property. From December 2015 to May 2016, Davos REGs executive director, Gerard González, and another company, Tecknolution, designed and developed the application using the latest technology available. This one tool is the start of a set of tools meant to complete each other so the client and his or her Davos REG agent can function together.

About Davos Real Estate Group

Davos REG is an independent company of the Davos Financial Group that leads the way in presenting financial advice that is all-inclusive to Latin American consumers. The aim of the professional team at Davos REG is to come up with investment strategies unique to each client that combine exceptional regulatory products. The team members are specialized and licensed in all services that Davos REG offers.

David Osio CEO And Founder Of Davos Financial Group

After graduating from the Catholic University Andres Bello, David Osio continued to a specialization in International Banking Law through the Institute Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA). In 1981, David began his journey of employment at OPED Enterprise as President and CEO. He then went on to:

  • Work as an executive at LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES
  • Join the MGO law firm in 1984
  • Take on a leading position in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International
  • Start the Davos Financial Group (DFG) of companies in 1993, and become its CEO afterward

In a short amount of time, David’s proactive leadership skills brought about increased income, and both strength and expansion as well. The primary objective in working with the companies involved in DFG is so that they offer clients a financial boutique of services suitable for each one. Every licensed company has agreements with major worldwide banks to provide a remarkable investment plan, both competitive and diversified. Like himself, David wants each of his companies motivated to maintain and promote their social responsibilities by assisting non-profit organizations.

David is interested in supporting those organizations that offer art and culture to needy communities, including:

  • The Miami Symphony Orchestra, when he was a board member
  • The Saludarte Foundation’s exhibit of artist Carlos Cruz Diez
  • The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation

David’s management skills and supportive outreach have brought him and his independent companies of DFG many awards. But, most importantly, he and his companies are not about to stop their corporate responsibilities.

Marc Sparks: From Bare-bones to Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is a Dallas-based entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He has started and maintained many successful businesses and is a proven venture capitalist. Sparks demonstrates a strong faith in God and attributes much of his success to his faith.

Sparks showed a knack for business at an early age. The budding entrepreneur wasn’t the best student and never earned a college degree, but he quickly showed a natural instinct for business concepts. Born in Austin, Texas he graduated from high school and quickly dove into the business sector. His initial start-up based on insurance sales blew up shortly after its inception. Sparks claims these failures have kept him humble and taught him valuable lessons for his future successes. He has gone on to begin and fund dozens of successful ventures in real estate, technology, and telecommunications.

Sparks is most famous for his ownership and involvement with his start-up private equity firm Timber Creek Capital. As a principal to the company he provides support to other start-up ventures looking to become profit-generating endeavors. In this role he is able to live out his dream of helping other entrepreneurs find success.

Sparks has also recently been involved with a start-up called Spark Tank. Spark Tank was created as another avenue for helping young up and coming entrepreneurs find the inspiration, capital, connections, and support required for taking their business ideas to the next level. The program focuses specifically on entrepreneurs with an idea for social revolution. Candidate apply online and must be from the non-profit sector. Finalists are selected to receive small grants and mentorship opportunities with the hope that their ideas will lead to positive social impact in their communities.

It is obvious that Sparks has a passion for helping others. Outside of business he is also involved in many philanthropic initiatives. He regularly volunteers with a large homeless shelter in his home state of Texas. The Good Samaritan offers housing, counseling, financial education, and job placement opportunities. He also regularly works with Habitat for Humanity and he also funds the “Sparky’s Kids” Foundation which donates computers to underprivileged children in the hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty.

When not involved in business or volunteer opportunities, Marc enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and biking. He also enjoys journaling about his experiences and has recently transformed his work into a successful book called “They Can’t Eat You” which highlights both his successes and lessons learned as an entrepreneur.

Sparks is definitely an inspiration to any aspiring entrepreneur. His ability to find success against all odds serves as a lesson in persistence and self-belief and is an admirable and heart-felt success story!

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Adam Goldenberg and His Partner Gains Success In The Fashion Industry

JustFab’s co-founder and CEO Adam Goldenberg has told Forbes during an interview that Fabletics receives fewer complaints than in the past. With the improved service, the company is planning to open 75 to 100 stores over the next three to five years. According to Goldenberg, shoppers will now be able to try the Fabletics clothing in person, and some of the lucky customers might be recruited to join the brand.

Adam Goldenberg is well-known for his entrepreneurship skills at a young age. He started his career with an advertising network of gaming sites, Gamer’s Alliance Company at the age of 15. He later sold the company and joined Intermix Media, the then parent company of Alena and Myspace. He was the youngest person holding the senior position of chief operating officer at Intermix Media. During his time at the firm, he met his long-time business partner Don Ressler. When News Corp. acquired Intermix Media, Don and Adam formed a partnership and started their new venture, Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty owns DERMSTORE on, a skincare and cosmetic brand, weight-loss system SENSA, and JustFab, subscription service with monthly showrooms for fashion and design. Many employees leave tech companies to start something of their own. However, Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are shining examples of how coming out early from MySpace benefited them. Recently, JustFab received a funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners when the company had over four million members of subscriptions.

When JustFab announced hitting six million subscribers in 2012, the company was offered a funding of $76 million from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners, and its parent Intelligent Beauty. After having two successful years, JustFab is exploring expansion and diversification of its products. On Jan 2013, the company acquired another fashion subscription service FabKids in recognition on that many of its clients were parents. In December 2013, JustFab added The Fab Shoes, bringing in 500,000 members from France and Spain.

The Fast growth of JustFab in just four years is an indication that things went along as Adam predicted in 2014. JustFab is present is five countries outside the United States. The value proposition for most products is held at $39.95 for handbags and shoes.

Keith Mann Staffing the Hedge Fund Industry

Keith Mann got into the field of executive search about 15 years ago when he started working for Dynamics Executive Search as the Manager of the Alternative Investment Division. He rose the ladder to Vice President of the company and then started the Alternative Investment Practice within the same company in 2002. This move came about when Mann realized that the hedge fund industry was wildly lacking in terms of talent search. Executive search companies concentrated on other fields but didn’t pay much attention to the needs of the investment sector. Mann then took the new practice further in 2006 when it launched in the private equity industry.

Professional Achievements

Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners in 2009, which is a company that was established to cater to the growing needs of alternative investment firms regarding quality talent. With his experience in staffing, compensation, and hiring strategy, Keith Mann has been able to work with different companies, helping them with their hiring investments, development of effective recruitment platforms, and marketing. Mann is currently the CEO if DSP and has clients across Europe, the US, and Asia. He has established Dynamic Search Partner as a premier staffer for the hedge fund sector by sourcing quality talent across the sphere.


Besides his career accomplishments, Keith Mann has built a reputation as a prolific philanthropist. He is, particularly passionate about education and has proven it with his support for the Uncommon Schools, which is a network of charter public schools across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. In 2015, Keith Mann and his company raised $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools not to mention DSP had already pledged $10,000 to cater to the testing needs of students. Speaking about raising money for the schools, Keith Mann said that he supports the mission of Uncommon Schools in providing a chance for everyone to attend college. The DSP-Uncommon Schools relationship is one has been thriving since 2013. Mann has also started the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship that will be available for Uncommon Schools’ graduating seniors in Brooklyn. The award will help put one student through a four-year college program.