Sanjay Shah’s Initiative

Sanjay Shah is a father and an investment expert who knows exactly what it is like to lose something. Mr. Sanjay Shah Denmark, as an investment expert,was heavily affected by the 2008 stock market crash. Mr. Shah, like millions of other individuals around the world lost his job from the 200 stock market crash. Though Mr. Shah has admittedly gone through hard times Mr. Shah has now reached success. In the eyes of Sanjay Shah, success is not reached from finding wealth or having nice things. To Mr. Shah success is measured by how individuals handle failure or devastation within their lives.


Despite the initial unemployment, Mr. Shah was able to build himself back up to create the Solo Capital investment firm, an investment firm that is specifically dedicated to showing individuals that investors can be trusted with finances. In order to build a close relationship with each individual or business of the firm, Mr. Shah has turned the attention of his company to specifically target medium to small-sized businesses. This makes sure that the goal of the business becomes the goal of Mr. Shah and his employees. This investment firm at is currently based in London has helped countless clients find the best investment opportunities that look towards the future.


Not only is Mr. Shah an investor, but he is also a dedicated family man as well as a philanthropist. In 2011, Mr. Shah’s young son was diagnosed with autism. Though autism is not a rare diagnosis among children, not much information is openly known about the development disorder. What is known about autism is that is is a disorder that not only affects how one communicates, but also affects how one deals with social interactions. The severity of autism comes in different levels. Some cases are minor and other cases require for an individual to be completely dependent on someone else.


As a result of his son’s diagnosis, Mr. Shah created a foundation that is known as Autism Rocks. This foundation creates annual events that are centered around performers in London. Many well known celebrities have performed on behalf of this organization and encourage donations to further the research of this common development disorder. As a father, Mr. Shah wants to understand his son more and wants to understand how his son specifically thinks or how his son processes information when he or his wife talk to his young son.


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