Jose Manuel Gonzales Running as a Statesperson in Guarico, Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is from Venezuela and is running to be the governor of one of the 23 states in Venezuela. He is a businessman, first and foremost, and he is tired of politicians running the government without taking the needs of the people into consideration. He hopes to change that by getting involved and changing the way the government treats the people of Venezuela, especially the state of Guarico.

Gonzales grew up in Venezuela and saw governors and other politicians promise a lot to the people, but they delivered nothing. Most politicians, once elected, found ways to deepened their pockets at the expense of the people, at least in his eyes. This was something he noticed since he was a young man, though he did not try his hand at politics since he was more interested in business.

The government hopeful is the owner and founder of Fedecámaras, which has been more than successful, but Jose never stopped paying attention to the way things were being run in his country or state. Perhaps seeing the hidden corruption of some politicians throughout boyhood up to manhood propelled him to run.

Jose Manuel Gonzales is not running alone; many parties that represent the people are backing his run to statehood. Parties like the AD, UNIC, and the VPA have been backing his bid. At the moment, he is running against three other candidates who are giving him a real challenge, though it is a challenge that this passionate businessman is ready to accept.

The businessman turned politician spoke about the life of the farmer (one of his passions) who seems to be working endlessly only to find that there are no guarantees that his or her product will be imported where it needs to go. Jose insists that farmers are the backbone of Venezuela, and of Guarico, but everyone seems to fail to see just how important they are. Gonzales believes that it was bad deals made through corrupt governments that helped ensure that farmers get the short end of the stick when importing their goods. This is just one wrong that he wants to try to correct should the people give him a chance.