Malina Saba Combines Diversified Investing and Philanthropy

Malina Saba is chairman of a company called Saban Captial Group that has varied investments in companies worldwide. They invest in technology, media, real estate, and oil and gas. She is a philanthropist that started Stree: Global Investment in Women a non-profit organization that helps low income women and children. Its goal is to help change the way they see themselves in society and around the world.

This organization helps women access healthcare and improves their power in public policy around the world. She has donated millions for a heart research center for South Asians in California and for victims of the Tsumani in India that occurred in 2004.

Saba’sĀ investment career began as a venture capitalist by investing in over 20 technology companies in Silicon Valley. Her day begins at 5 a.m where she handles conference calls and during the day she attends many meeting about 45 minutes long. In between, she take her daughter to work and picks her up.

The way she brings ideas to life is she analyzes trends and looks at what will happen in the future. She is willing to take a risk in a market that often others are hesitant to try if growth seems like an opportunity. She likes the commodity market because it offers growth and risk. Her company owns and operates iron ore mines, and farms with palm oil and rice fields.

She says what makes her successful is she is not afraid to take risks. The Saban Company makes investment in private and public companies. Some of the companies in its varied portfolio are Celestial Tiger Entertainment, Bustle, Saban Films, Saban Brands, and Saban Real Estate.