How Educator Are Improving Test Scores With Class Dojo

In recent months, Class Dojo, a educational technology app that allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate with one another via tablet or internet enabled device, has become a practical staple in most early educational facilities. This communication app, which was developed over a year ago by the former elementary educator, Sam Chaudhary, has practically revolutionized the way classroom communication and classroom culture is supported in educational facilities around the world. Currently, over a third of schools in the United States have incorporated the Class Dojo app into their daily curriculums. The results schools have had when using this communication tool have been astounding and have caused the program to receive an enormous amount of praise. One of the most important factors that schools have been seeing when implementing the Class Dojo app into the daily curriculum is the major improvement in test scores among the students who are in traditionally tested grade levels. Several institutions have been amazed at the increased standardized test scores that have come as a result of the Class Dojo system implementation. Some have openly wondered what the correlation between the educational app’s implementation into the curriculum and the rise of test scores. Schools have promptly answered them with the following reasons for the increase in the performance of students.

The first reason that most schools who have implemented the Class Dojo educational app into the daily curriculum give for the increase in the performance of their students is the fact that Class Dojo creates a consistent and developmental classroom culture and creates a creative learning environment for children. Studies done on academic success have often found that the achievement of an elementary aged child is directly influenced by the environment in which they are educated. By implementing the Class Dojo app into the educational environment, educators are ensuring that the classroom environment is both innovative and creative enough to ensure that the maximum capabilities of each student is always achieved.

Another reasons that schools give for the direct correlation between the implementation of the Class Dojo app and the increase in student achievement on standardized tests is the app’s ability to connect parents to the learning environment of the child on a habitual basis. This connection is important because parents who are actively present in their children’s educational life tend to produce children who are highly engaged in academic activity and go on to achieve high scores on standardized tests.


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