Eliminating Childhood Hunger Is The Mission Of The Lovaganza Celebration

There are enough resources on the planet to feed children around the world, but millions of children die every year from malnutrition on lovaganza.com. More 8,000 children in the United States are victims of hunger every year, and the United States is the most powerful and one of the richest nations in the world. Governments all over the world have done a poor job of feeding hunger children. The focus is on other things like weapons, capital, and power. But one couple, J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon, are in the process of eliminating child hunger and their plan will be complete in 2035 if their plan continues to attract the attention it has gotten the past two years. The Gagnon founded a movement called, Lovaganza. The Lovaganza Foundation wants to eradicate hunger, and the Gagnon’s have a lot of important people and organizations behind them.

The Gagnon’s are entertainers by trade, and they have been developed a unique approach to solving the hunger issue. The couple has been working on their Lovaganza project for the last six years, and the progress has amazed organizations that have been dealing with world hunger for decades. One approach that Genevieve is producing is called the ‘Lovaganza Convoy.’ The Lovaganza Convoy is the Foundation’s film approach. Genevieve is in the process of creating a series of documentaries that are designed to appeal to organizations that can help the Lovaganza Foundation achieve its goal. Genevieve is a seasoned veteran. She is comfortable in front and behind a camera. The Lovaganza Convoy’s mission is to project unity, so non-profit organizations can work together to bring the main event to nations around the world in 2020.

J.F. Gagnon is an accomplished musician, producer, director, and editor that knows how to motivate people. Gagnon decided to put on a Bohemian Adventure together, and he called it Lovaganza because entertainment is a catalyst that appeals to the emotions as well as the mind. The master trailer that explains Lovaganza’s mission was released in 2015, so the Lovaganza movement is well on its way. The Gagnon’s have constantly been traveling to countries like India, Spain, France, England, and other key countries that have the resources and the will to help.

People like Emmy award-winning set designer, Patrick Sullivan, and Oscar nominee for the 2015 Movie American Sniper, James Murakami, have joined the Gagnon’s, and they are bringing other celebrities on board to help achieve the 2035 goal of eradicating hunger in kids ages o to 15.

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Jim Hunt Helping Others to Learn All Over Again

When you think about the average individual and what they have learned about finances, there is already some major information and knowledge out there. However, when you start to consider just what people actually do know, there is also a tremendous gap between individuals who have experience in the world of finance and investments and the people who really don’t deal with it that often. However, the major and glaring problem is that everyone needs to know something about finance because everyone makes money, everyone wants to retire someday, and everyone would like to make it rich for at least a while.

When it comes down to this methodology of how people can learn more, the person everyone is starting to look to is Jim Hunt. Jim Hunt and his organization of VTA Publications don’t just have everything that they would want to have in terms of a system in place, they also have the people in place. When it comes to looking for quality in educational systems you do need to have everyone who can help from actually writing the courses and lesson plans all the way down to the individuals who answer the phones and help out with taking calls. Jim Hunt has helped to create a quality educational organization that not only stands by their product, but they also stand by their results.

When you think about who Jim Hunt actually is and why he has had such success in the world of education you will find it is for multiple reasons. He has done a tremendous job as it is to educate people because he fully understands the most important thing that you can do is to give the student as much information about the topic as possible without actually overwhelming them. Once you have given them the information, Jim Hunt firmly believes it is about making as many connections as possible between all of the data points. When you think about finances and investing specifically, there are more than enough ways to take that information in and create bigger picture ideas. That’s exactly why Jim Hunt and his system are working so tremendously.  Check out Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave program for yourself, through VTA Publications.

IAP is a Proven Industry Leader in the Provision of Technology Solutions and Services

IAPWorldwide Services is a proven provider of a wide range of unique services and technology solutions to U.S., intercontinental government agencies, and other prominent organization. The global service firm has its corporate headquarters situated in Cape Canaveral, FL. It has an incredible international presence with operations in over 100 localities in 20 countries internationally. The company operates in its other offices located in the United Kingdom, the Washington, D.C area, the Middle East, and the Panama City.

Mission and Focus

The primary objective of IAP Worldwide Services is to use advanced technology, professional expertise, and creativity to come up with lasting solutions to challenges that humanity faces. Immediately after clients share their goals, the company makes them its own and put an effort in achieving them. In other words, the firm takes personal initiative in every circumstance or engagement.

Swiftness and dedication

A team of specialists who specializes in offering exceptional services that address needs of both new and existing customers manages IAP. The team has excellent problem-solving skills and ability to deliver results on time. The firm conducts thorough background search and hires new talent each year. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: https://www.iapws.com/ and http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs/company/c8b4hg6d99rc25sg48q/iap-worldwide-services

The unique experience of each person employed by the firm is respected and valued. The company recruits talented experts in the fields of Logistics, Operations, Accounting and Finance, Program Management, Engineering, and Construction.

IAP empowers its workers with enough resources and professional expertise to carry out their tasks efficiently and safely. Commitment to quality client service and respect for employees has propelled the company into a respected and influential industry leader.

IAP services

IAP Worldwide Services offers worldwide-scale logistics, cutting-edge technical and professional services, as well as facility management. It has over 2,000 highly trained workers who deal with issues affecting clients in both the public and private industry.

It responds promptly to unexpected natural disasters and global battlefield. The firm has an extensive experience and ability to strategize, coordinate, and offer lasting solutions for the technical and logistical challenges. It supervises the management, operation, and maintenance of military installations that may exceed a small city size, research laboratories, and civilian agencies. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services Jobs and Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

Douglas Kitani, CEO, and Director

As the CEO and Managing Director of IAP, Douglas Kitani is tasked with the duty of overseeing the investment plan and strategic direction of the company. Before his current position, Kitani managed portfolio strategies at the esteemed DynCorp International.

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SEC Whistleblower Reiterates the Fight Against Securities Violations

Following disparities in the Consumer Protection Act, the Congress sat in 2010 and drafted an amendment to the law. This amendment saw the birth of the SEC Whistleblower Program, which is offering more reporting capabilities and protection for whistle-blowers. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act added several rights that would among other things offer rewards to whistle-blowers for sharing vital information about companies and employers. To help implement the legislation, law firms like Labaton Sucharow joined in the race and offered to support SEC whistleblowers.

The eligibility calculator
With little exclusion, any person can report securities violations. The law surrounding the program is a bit technical and there are considerations that may make it difficult for a report to be accepted by the organization. Every whistle-blower needs to understand his/her eligibility, and that’s the reason the SEC Whistleblower program is offering the eligibility calculator to help one understand the effect of the legislation.

Extending Beyond borders to push for consumer protection
The economy is global and there is no way fraud can be confined to a specific region. Securities violations may occur anywhere on earth, so it is necessary to have laws that allow for cross-border collection of evidence, something SEC Whistleblowers has put into consideration. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act eliminated barriers that made it difficult for one to report securities violations while in a different country. Despite differences in jurisdiction, each case is handled using the same procedure once the information is handed over to SEC.

Statistical information contained in the 2012 SEC Annual Report shows that as much as 10.8 percent tips emanated from whistle-blowers situated outside the U.S. Some of the jurisdictions where this information came from include Canada, India, Australia, Italy and Netherlands. Additionally, SEC is called by various international bodies to offer advice on specific issues related to securities violations.

Rewarding insider intelligence
On 17th May, 2016, SEC announced that every whistle-blower who will share useful information that would be difficult to come across without an insider will be rewarded between $5 and $6 million. All information presented to SEC is reviewed and if it leads to the revelation of violations, then the whistle-blower responsible for unearthing the fraud will be eligible for a reward.

This amount is the third highest ever proposed in the SEC whistleblower program since 2011. This level of rewards epitomizes the strengths the SEC Whistleblower Program enjoys and how far the body is willing to go to secure consumers from rogue companies and employers.

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Malina Saba Combines Diversified Investing and Philanthropy

Malina Saba is chairman of a company called Saban Captial Group that has varied investments in companies worldwide. They invest in technology, media, real estate, and oil and gas. She is a philanthropist that started Stree: Global Investment in Women a non-profit organization that helps low income women and children. Its goal is to help change the way they see themselves in society and around the world.

This organization helps women access healthcare and improves their power in public policy around the world. She has donated millions for a heart research center for South Asians in California and for victims of the Tsumani in India that occurred in 2004.

Saba’s investment career began as a venture capitalist by investing in over 20 technology companies in Silicon Valley. Her day begins at 5 a.m where she handles conference calls and during the day she attends many meeting about 45 minutes long. In between, she take her daughter to work and picks her up.

The way she brings ideas to life is she analyzes trends and looks at what will happen in the future. She is willing to take a risk in a market that often others are hesitant to try if growth seems like an opportunity. She likes the commodity market because it offers growth and risk. Her company owns and operates iron ore mines, and farms with palm oil and rice fields.

She says what makes her successful is she is not afraid to take risks. The Saban Company makes investment in private and public companies. Some of the companies in its varied portfolio are Celestial Tiger Entertainment, Bustle, Saban Films, Saban Brands, and Saban Real Estate.

FreedomPop Proved To Be The Best Company For Me

I was looking around for a cell phone service provider, but I kept running into one roadblock after another. I found a certain company that wanted to charge me over $100 per month for cell phone service, and they claimed that I would be getting unlimited services. I liked the idea of unlimited cell phone service, but I didn’t like the prices. I finally found a cell phone carrier that would give me unlimited service for $50 a month, and I thought I hit the jackpot when I found this company. Little did I know that FreedomPop was offering the same services I was receiving at the current company for only $19.99 per month.

I didn’t hesitate to switch over to FreedomPop, and what’s even better is the fact that I already had a phone that was compatible with FreedomPop’s service. I signed up for the unlimited cell phone service, and I’ve never had a problem with dropped calls, data connections, or sending text messages. I send and receive picture messages all day, and I’m constantly on the Internet. I can’t believe I was paying an extra $30 per month to another company for unlimited cell phone service when FreedomPop has everything I need for a lot less.

I noticed that I was using up my 1 GB of 4G LTE speed very rapidly, so I decided to pay five dollars to join the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service. I know so many FreedomPop hotspots that I can use the high-speed Wi-Fi service throughout the day without ever having to tap into my 4G LTE data on my phone. I can literally go the whole month and still keep my cell phone’s 4G LTE data until I pay for the next month’s bill, and it’s all because I have joined the Wi-Fi hotspot service from FreedomPop. http://www.savingfreak.com/freedompop-review/

I only had to sign up for the application with FreedomPop, and I paid my monthly fee. The Wi-Fi service is so fast, and I can even stream movies on a laptop, tablet, or my phone if I want to. I love everything that FreedomPop has to offer, and if I choose to, I can purchase a hotspot from FreedomPop and even get home Internet service. I don’t know why anyone else would choose any other company other than FreedomPop, especially since FreedomPop offers so much at so little a cost.

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Beck Attempts to Un-Mask the Puppeteer in Plain Sight

Glenn Beck is an ardent believer in conspiracy theories. In fact, he enjoys them so much he makes up his own. Unfortunately, his attempt to paint George Soros as a dark anti-Semitic puppeteer, hiding in the shadows and pulling strings of revolution in places around the world, falls more than a bit flat. Soros, it seems, refuses to stay behind the curtain.

Soros, in fact, completely ignores Beck. After all, he’s endured worse.

Young George Soros survived Eichmann’s purge of Jews from Hungary by serving as a runner and messenger of the Budapest Jewish Council. These understandably frightened elders hoped to avoid notice by keeping the Jewish community of Budapest calm and quiet. The few Jewish survivors from the Hungarian purge survived by taking on false identities and going into hiding, as Soros did.

Upon surviving, Soros became a successful businessman. With his wealth, he set about to destroy communism. Rather than fighting with guns, George Soros smuggled copy machines into Hungary to shatter state control of information. Indeed, Lord Mark Malloch Brown of the International Crisis Group credited four people with the destruction of communism: Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Thatcher, and George Soros.

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Glenn Beck’s Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14-Year-Old’s Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Beck dedicated three segments of what he refers to as “news” attempting to paint Soros as a Jew-murdering collaborator in 1944. At that time, Soros was 14 years old, living a false life as a Christian in a city under the Nazi boot heel. Beck seems to give Soros a reprieve for being a child under hideous living conditions, but then paints him as a man who knows how to live a lie.

In a video clip, Soros refers to his time under Nazi occupation as “happy.” He was fourteen and in terrible danger, but he was with his father and managed to survive. Per Beck’s take on this clip, this is an indication that Soros hated his fellow Jews and still does, as he disagrees with Israel.

Beck disregards an obvious source for Soros’ happiness. Perhaps this child was just thrilled to be alive at the end of each day?

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How Educator Are Improving Test Scores With Class Dojo

In recent months, Class Dojo, a educational technology app that allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate with one another via tablet or internet enabled device, has become a practical staple in most early educational facilities. This communication app, which was developed over a year ago by the former elementary educator, Sam Chaudhary, has practically revolutionized the way classroom communication and classroom culture is supported in educational facilities around the world. Currently, over a third of schools in the United States have incorporated the Class Dojo app into their daily curriculums. The results schools have had when using this communication tool have been astounding and have caused the program to receive an enormous amount of praise. One of the most important factors that schools have been seeing when implementing the Class Dojo app into the daily curriculum is the major improvement in test scores among the students who are in traditionally tested grade levels. Several institutions have been amazed at the increased standardized test scores that have come as a result of the Class Dojo system implementation. Some have openly wondered what the correlation between the educational app’s implementation into the curriculum and the rise of test scores. Schools have promptly answered them with the following reasons for the increase in the performance of students.

The first reason that most schools who have implemented the Class Dojo educational app into the daily curriculum give for the increase in the performance of their students is the fact that Class Dojo creates a consistent and developmental classroom culture and creates a creative learning environment for children. Studies done on academic success have often found that the achievement of an elementary aged child is directly influenced by the environment in which they are educated. By implementing the Class Dojo app into the educational environment, educators are ensuring that the classroom environment is both innovative and creative enough to ensure that the maximum capabilities of each student is always achieved.

Another reasons that schools give for the direct correlation between the implementation of the Class Dojo app and the increase in student achievement on standardized tests is the app’s ability to connect parents to the learning environment of the child on a habitual basis. This connection is important because parents who are actively present in their children’s educational life tend to produce children who are highly engaged in academic activity and go on to achieve high scores on standardized tests.


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