Michael Zomber- Sharing Knowledge and Experience of the Warriors Way

Bushido or the Warrior’s Way is not just a term to antique arms and armor collector and enthusiast Michael Zomber, it is a way of life. Michael has been collecting antique arms and armor pieces for over 40 years now and often shares his knowledge with the world through his writing, film work, and guest appearances on radio and television shows. Michael has worked with the History Channel and appeared several times on their documentary series “Tales of the Gun.” Michael has an extensive knowledge of Bushido, the samurai culture, and the arms and armor that they utilized.

His passion has led him to writing five historical novels including A Son of Kentucky, Park Avenue and Shogun lemitsu. Michael and his wife also own their own independent film company in which they have helped to produce several Independent films including Zomber’s documentary on Bushido. Michael is also a philanthropist who is involved with many different organizations around the world that are helping to bring forth a more peaceful future for generations to come. Michael is also a father of two and respectively lives in Philadelphia amongst many other antique experts. Michael is also a UCLA graduate. Here he received graduate and undergraduate degrees in literature.

Due to Michael’s profound knowledge of antique weapons as well as the Warrior’s Way he is highly sought out by many different television and radio outlets.

The Perks of Using FreedomPop

Of all the mobile carriers in the world, one of the fastest growing mobile carriers is called FreedomPop which started out as a small service provider in the city of Los Angeles. FreedomPop has gained a lot of momentum over the years for their unique business style in offering free services to customers at a low sign up fee. FreedomPop became so popular that is was even planned to be bought out by Sprint until international investors decided to build this company and this product even more on its own. This mobile carrier has been dubbed the cheapest mobile carrier that offers excellent products.

Rather than purchasing voice minutes, texts, as well as data connections, users are instead purchasing data services that run all through the Sprint data network. The free services that are offered through this mobile carrier include 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, as well as 500 MB of data. This mobile carrier was truly made for people who are on a budget and are looking for a quality mobile carrier. What makes these free services even better is the fact that they are able to roll over to the next month to then be available and be added on to each other.

What makes this plan even more unique is the fact that individuals who use this carrier do not even have to use cell towers. Instead, FreedomPop uses over 10 million wifi hot spots that are located all over the country. This purchase is great for high school students due to the fact that this mobile carrier will not grant access in the car, but instead will grant access while at home, a restaurant, or near any other wifi hot spot. This is the perfect plan for those who are living in urban locations that are constantly in touch with mobile hot spots.

FreedomPop is a quality service that uses Sprint to provide the high quality network. Before buying purchasing the mobile service, it is first recommended to find out how good the service is in the location that is being lived in. For those living in rural areas, this is not the best mobile service. For those living in a location that is connected to wifi hot spots, some of the products that are offered by this high quality service include internet, mobile data, as well as various high quality phones to choose from.

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Look for Crystal Hunt in New Magic Mike XXL Movie Release

Emmy award nominated Crystal Hunt is set to play in the sequel to the phenomenally popular Magic Mike movie which premiered in 2012. As reported in Pr NewsWire’s website, Ms. Hunt will play the role of Lauren, a love interest of one Mike’s (Channing Tatum) two friends, Richie and Tito. Crystal is a very familiar face on daytime television, playing roles as Stacy Morasco in ‘One Life to Live’ and Lizzie Spaulding on ‘Guiding Light’. These days you can watch Crystal Hunt on the POP network (formerly TVGN) in the ‘Queens of Drama’. The docu-drama follows the lives of several daytime and prime time actresses as they attempt to pitch and produce a new series.

The new Magic Mike XXL movie has plenty of female star power, including Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard and Andie McDowell. On top of that, the movie has a voracious female following at the box office, and for good reason. Mr. Tatum and his fellow night club dancers do not disappoint – at all! Crystal Hunt shared what a honor she felt being cast alongside such empowering actresses and spoke of the camaraderie that the entire cast shared during filming of this second installment of this box office bonanza. If a Magic Mike 3 is in our future, they should certainly embrace this character in a new and intriguing way.

According to Facebook, Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida and is presently 31 years old. From the tender of two, she participated in pageants, gained childhood roles in a number of commercials and even took part in an anti-drug public service announcement with then hot and popular boy band, NSYNC. We suspect much more will be coming from this young actress and look forward to what the future brings her way.  Follow her on Instagram as well.

M&A Recognizes the Madison Street Capital COO through an Award.

Madison Street Capital is one of the top firms in the global investment banking sector. The company focuses on small to medium markets and works with principles of excellence, integrity, leadership and customer service. Its primary services include financial advisory to corporations, financial estimations, merger and acquisitions, and valuation for both private and public companies. Madison Street Capital’s services help its clients to prosper in the international markets. The firm takes the customer’s missions and goal as its own when carrying out different projects, which range from successful investment raises and financial consultancy to M&A transactions and reallocation ownership.

Madison Street Capital takes developing markets to be the primary factor that drives the worldwide growth of its clients. It also intends to keep focusing significant assets in the markets. The company has managed to earn its customers’ trust across the world through its untiring commitment to the unmatchable quality of professional standards. Madison Street Capital’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, and it has branches in Africa, Asia and different parts of North America. The company has served a broad variety of clients from various regions of the world and has, therefore, been able to gain ample experience. It is recognized for its significant background because of the incredible results delivered to the clients.

The Madison Street Capital’s Antony Marsala, who is the Chief Operating Officer, was recently named as the winner of the seventh M&A Advisor Annual Emerging Leader Award. The selection was made by a self-regulating group of judges, which comprises of prominent business persons, and he was preferred due to his excellent proficiency and accomplishments in the sector. Mr. Marsala expressed his gratitude and how excited he was to be acknowledged in a very competitive investment banking industry. He also was also thankful to his employer, Madison Street Capital, and other stakeholders in the industry during his appreciation speech.

The M&A Award was started in 2010 as a way of appreciating the top 40 under 40 business principals. It identifies and acknowledges the achievement of young experts in the turnabouts and financials sector, who have reached commendable heights in their careers and have notably given a hand in improving the community. Individuals who emerged as winners of the 2016 edition of the award will be part of a global network of young leaders since the program has now reached several regions in Europe. There is more information about the award of a similar article on PR.com.

Antony Marshal is also a Madison Street Capital’s co-founder. He is highly experienced in the investment banking industry since he has been actively involved in the sector for over fifteen years. His primary expertise is on the buy side and sell side’s merger and acquisition consultancy and controlled financing. He holds the designation of a Certified Valuation Analyst, which is regulated by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.