George Gascon And Gary Delanges: Old Friends And Now Foes

The former president of the Police Officer’s Association (POA), Gary Delanges, has submitted a sworn declaration regarding a “blue ribbon” task force that former police chief, George Gascon, set up to investigate claims of homophobia and racism in San Francisco’s Police Department. The assertions include those that the then police chief was completely unconcerned with diversity of the force, and that he also had been heard making racially disparaging remarks while drunk and out at a business function with union leaders.

Delagnes’ declaration came just eight days after Mr. Gascon, now San Francisco’s District Attorney, made an appearance before a panel in which he testified that the police union wields much influence over the chief of police to make changes and effect reform. Mr. Delanges spent 25 years on the San Francisco Police Department, and of this 25 years, nine were spent as POA president. During his reign as POA president, he was well-known for unabashedly saying what was on his mind. He closes his declaration with accusations that Mr. Gascon made racial remarks at a 2010 dinner held in Boston where police union leadership was discussed in a forum organized by Harvard Law School.

Apparently, as per Mr. Delanges, Mr. Gascon was reminiscing about his time with the Los Angeles Police Department, and under the influence of much imbibing, he made multiple remarks disparaging minorities. Mr. Delanges reports that an African American forum attendee, at one point, came over and asked the then police chief to refrain from making further remarks as he and his family were offended.

Mr. Delanges said that he felt compelled to write this declaration now after he read that Mr. Gascon said he was now more worried about the state of the Police Department than he was during his reign from 2009 to 2011. Mr. Delanges, having been so close with Mr. Gascon at one time that he attended his wedding, now feels that Mr. Gascon’s recent comments about his concern for diversity on department are disingenuous. He also states that during a lunch, Mr. Gascon, now District Attorney, said he would oppose the appointment of Greg Suhr as police chief. Mr. Delanges told him he would stand to lose POA support for his re-election as District Attorney, as the POA supported Suhr’s appointment, and this made Mr. Gascon back away from opposing Suhr.


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Find Out What The New Role Of Heading Tahoe Air Service Corporations Means To Andy Wirth

As the people of the Reno-Tahoe region settle on the news of the election of a new chairperson to lead the Reno -Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, Andy seeks it as an opportunity to do what he loves most. Andy was elected as the new chairperson, and he brings extensive management skills and expertise that will define the future of the corporation for the next couple of years. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

The Squaw Valley C.E.O and the president have served in some senior management positions, and his new role is an extension of his prosperous career and background in management. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe

The 49-year-old graduate of Colorado and Edinburgh universities heads several other corporations most of which are related to community service. He is the co-founder of the Navy Seal Foundation that deals with matters concerning the military special operations as well as their family members. He is also an active contributor community programs related to environmental conservation. He is also very active in sports especially skydiving.

Accepting the task, Andy Wirth reiterated the position is not just a role like any other, but also an opportunity to serve the region by pulling together the resources from the private and public business to market the area.

The principal goal of the organization entails bringing together such businesses and pulling these resources to market the area as a perfect tourism destination. His decade’s long experience in the airline industry will be very useful in streaming the objectives of the organization as well as it’s goals. Read more: Interview with Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth | Tahoetopia

On matters of the environment, Andy emphasized that the new role gave him more responsibilities on environmental conservation, which he has willingly accepted. He has been previously involved in wide range of activities that aim in conserving the environment of Tahoe region.

As the president of Squaw Valley resort, Andy Wirth has overseen the implementation of various projects intended to support conservation efforts in the area. Andy is optimistic that his leadership will improve more on marketing the area by connecting more Airlines to establish flights to the Tahoe Airport.

Look Good Feel Good

For many people, looking good makes them feel better. One reason is that society places a lot of value on beauty. Therefore, when people see that they look good, then they are more likely to feel good about themselves. As a result, they may feel more confident in themselves. While people ultimately decides what looks good to them, they can get a lot of pointers from beauty gurus. Beauty gurus often provide examples and inspirations to people that are looking for ways to update their style. Some of the best beauty gurus will not only tell people how to look good, but how to feel good about themselves.

Among the beauty gurus that are online is Wengie. She is actually one of the best, most positive, and inspirational beauty gurus. For one thing, she is a multicultural beauty guru. However, her ideas of beauty are not rigid by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, she sees beauty in every day people. She understands the struggles that one must go through in order to find their sense of worth, especially if it is not instilled in them from childhood. Wengie herself had to learn how to navigate the world of fashion and beauty in order to find different looks that she is satisfied with.

For one thing, she is very diverse in the looks she puts together and is willing to change her style and experiment in order to come up with new looks. Even though she is satisfied with her own looks, she is also willing to accept feedback from her subscribers. She is also very passionate about health. She understands that eating healthy is a very important aspect of beauty. For one thing, there are foods and nutrients that she could consume which bring her skin a smoother complexion. This makes it even easier for her to achieve the level of beauty she desires.

For one thing, skincare is one very important aspect of beauty. Wengie also suggest exfoliating the skin before moisturizing the skin. Wengie has come across plenty of high quality products for exfoliation that she recommends for people to use in order to bring about greater skin health.

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Madison Street Capital can help to rescue your company

Owning or maintaining a business has a host of dangers and difficulties that can bring about the organization to either come up short or fail to launch. A colossal intricacy that organizations keep running into is cash. One of the main reasons that businesses meet such issues is due to a lack of money. Businesses are quick to throw in the towel because they are not aware that various services can help them in their time of need. The services offered by an investment banking service can help a company or business to keep its doors open or even expands. These firms offer a list of services that can help any business to become successful. Though there is a number of investment banking firms available, there is only one that offer superior services above the rest. One of the top tier companies that offer such services is Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street capital is able to complete many helpful tasks for your corporation including raising capital. The errand of raising capital is completed with the help assistance of debt and equity offerings. During equity offering a corporation makes the decision to sell stock. Once an equity offering has been created, your company will have the ability to make an exchange for investment capital. In addition to raising capital with the help of equity offering, Madison Street Capital also has experience with raising capital by using a debt offering. A debt offering gives Madison Street Capital the opportunity to exchange a promise to pay agreement for capital.

Madison Street Capital can help to offer a company more services than raising capital. This investment banking firm is also able to assist during a merger or acquiring another business. If a company goes into these situations blindly, money can be lost and the company can be at risk of failing. With the help of Madison Street Capital companies and corporations will be able to receive guidance through these processes so that unnecessary money and time will not be lost.

Not only can Madison Street Capital help your company to become more successful but they also are able to assist charities with the task of raising money. Recently this investment firm has contributed to the success of United Way Disaster relief efforts. United Way has continued to be focused on improving the lives of individuals and strengthen communities. These two entities connect because Madison Street Capital is an advocate for creating strong business all over nation. They understand that strong businesses can contribute to the health of the community. The stronger a business is, the stronger the surrounding community will be.

Reflections of a North Korean Defector: Yeonmi Park

The world has long heard of the abuses and reign of terror that occurs inside the borders of North Korea on Amazon, but eyewitness accounts have been few and far between. With the number of confirmed defectors being extremely small, there is simply little way for the global community to truly understand the abuses that are taking place inside Seoul’s neighbor to the North. One such story that has brought this issue closer to life is found in that of Yeonmi Park.

Park was only thirteen years old when she was able to escape the horrors that she and her family were experiencing in North Korea. For years, Yeonmi Park was forced to suffer in silence as she slowly made her way to freedom. She even had to endure the pain of watching her father die of cancer within months of escaping over the border himself.

The journey itself subjected her to extreme bouts of loneliness. Yeonmi Park did not always encounter people friendly to her plight. As a result, she suffered starvation and was the victim of almost constant abuse at times, particularly as she was forced to live outside of the law. This meant that she had nowhere to turn for help, out of fear that she would be discovered by someone friendly to the North Koreans and be sent back. Park reflects that this did cause her to have suicidal thoughts at times, but she did eventually pull through.

She is telling her story now via her new book entitled ‘In order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’ on Youtube. She has written the book to not only recount her plight to the world, but to highlight the need for freedom to be embraced. Millions of North Koreans are still suffering at the hands of decades of oppressive leaders. Park felt it her obligation to her own people that their stories be told as well. To remain silent would be an injustice.

There will always be those who doubt much of what she wrote on reason. In the end, however, it is Park who was forced to live through these events. It is her story alone to tell.

Lime Crime: Making An Original Impression In A Flooded Market

The world of fashion is no small one. Whether you’re a man or a woman, in today’s world you have a seemingly endless variety to wade through. This can be quite the task to ‘stand out’ for any cosmetics or fashion company. There is one makeup brand that has been getting more than it’s fair share of attention. That brand is Lime Crime, which has a huge range on Dolls Kill.

You can recognize Lime Crime products from their very vibrant and wildly eccentric color schemes. From products like the LA Splash Studio Shine for lips that will have you re-thinking lip gloss, to the matching shade of eye shadow, you’ll be in love with the style. An example here would be the Velvetines Collection of fantastic colors. Into skin care? Have no worries. Lime Crime has you covered from head to toe! The brand name has quickly grown and evolved into more than just eye catching makeup. It has become a go-to essential for many loyal customers to the Lime Crime label.

The mind behind the brand is CEO of the company, Doe Deere. Her passion for cosmetics and skin care has been the impetus for creating such exciting styles and choices for her loyal customer base. You can even dare for the more adventurous styles with gilding flakes of varying colors and even body glitter to compliment the sparkle in your style. Lime Crime has been focused on the not-so-average since day one. From Doe’s shockingly bright hair to her impeccable fashion demands, she knows exactly what she wants when it comes to makeup and cosmetics in general. Even if the ‘how’ isn’t clear right away.

It is her willingness to experiment with so many (out of the norm) colors and styles that has set her brand apart from the fashionista pack at large. The momentum for Lime Crime and their Instagram following is steady if anything. What the future holds for this company is yet to be seen. The way things are going now, it will be as bright as their color schemes.  UrbanOutfitters is one of the perfect places to buy Lime Crime.