Brad Reifler Offers 5 Tips for Investing

Imagine that you’re flying to New York City to visit relatives who live upstate and will meet you at the airport. You’ve been bumped up to first class and sit next to a gray-haired gentleman in a good looking suit. You think for a minute and then introduce yourself.

In a recent article published by Reuters, Brad Reifler gave five tips for investing. What Reifler said were basic rules for investing. They included the analysis of your investing goals and an honest representation of how much money you can invest continually over the proposed period. He said to find and get to know a broker who thinks like you, if you are risk averse don’t go with a broker who works for a firm dealing with low valued investments which can grow but can also crash. Your personal assessment should include knowing the risks involved in investing. Reifler endorses on social media, the idea of spreading out your investments among several markets. Do not be dependent on one but have a hedge in place in case something goes against you.

Reifler went on to say how investing in America is aimed at the 1 percent who can invest large amounts of money and move the market. The best of all advice from Reifler is to be cautious, something he’s applied in his career.  If Wikipedia can be any judge, Brad Reifler has been very successful, so when he writes a Reuters article it’s worth reading. .

Solo Shah RecapHow Sanjay Shah Has Managed To Make Huge Profits For His Solo Capital Firm In The Business Market

One of the hardest things to make in the current business market is huge profits. In this age nearly every entrepreneur is witty, and there is a very high competition for the few profit making opportunities available in the market. But for businessman and philanthropist Sanjay Shah, this fact means nothing. He is one of the few remaining businessmen who have undoubtedly gone against the odds and are still making huge profit killings in the business market. Sanjay Shah is the founder an owner of a globally renowned investment banking and hedge fund firm, Solo Capital. He founded this successful financial services boutique in 2009 after he decides to quit the employment sector and become his own boss. Before going for this decision, he had worked for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse as an accountant for the whole of his career.

As a financial and investment boutique, Solo Capital offers a variety of services to its clients across the world. This boutique is made up of proprietary trading, investment management in the sports industry and financial advisory services. Solo Capital engages in FX, derivatives and commodities under its proprietary trading division. This firm also covers talent acquisitions and management, sports venture representation in a business meeting and asset management for sports ventures under its sports industry investment management sector. Solo Capital also offers financial, business and investment advisory to both its individual and corporate clients. Solo Capital situated its headquarters in London after it was incorporated in 2011. This firm though runs and manages its logistics from Dubai. Sanjay Shah is also based in Dubai where he lives with his family, but he is a British citizen.

Solo Capital has largely been successful in the market due to the unmatched business abilities of Sanjay Shah. This timid entrepreneur has led his firm to the top of the business and investment markets by helping it make big profits through placing bets on global economic situations. Solo Capital has made great fortunes from the bets it has placed on economic situations like the Euro woes. This firm has also made great profits from other economic situations. As a risk taker, Sanjay Shah has given his firm lots of success.

Dr Walden RecapDr. Walden Honored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society just posted an article on Dr. Jennifer Walden and her recent nomination as a candidate for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2016 Woman of the Year award. Dr. Walden is a current resident of Lost Creek, Texas. Dr. Walden is now included among a group of very prestigious community and business leaders who compete for the honor of receiving the award from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society each year. Besides recognizing professional success, the exclusive award also involves fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to contribute to its mission of curing blood cancers as well as improving the quality of life for patients suffering from blood cancers. The award winners are determined by the man and woman nominees who raise the most funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society during the specified fundraising period. The local winners are then eligible to compete at the national level.

Dr. Walden is widely recognized for her status as a premier plastic surgeon in the Westlake Medical Center in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden also has a satellite office for her practice located in Marble Falls, Texas. Based on her professional success and proven track record in the medial field, Dr. Walden is regularly consulted as a media commentator for ABC News, FOX News, E! and many other prestigious media outlets. She has also received numerous awards in the industry, including being named as one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014.

In addition to speaking engagements, Dr. Walden has published a long list of journal articles on a variety of topics in the plastic surgery field. She graduated as the salutatorian of her class at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Before opening up her successful plastic surgery practice in Texas, Dr. Walden spent more than seven years working in New York City, where she specialized in research and trials related to silicone breast implants. She was first introduced to the New York medical scene during her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch under the direction of Dr. Sherrell Aston at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

Utilizing Gold as an Investment

If you are thinking about getting some gold with the intention on putting it away, you are making a very good decision. The best way to approach thinking about gold is a solid investment that should be used as protection. Most people want to put money away in various savings accounts, as well as pay into social security, based on the fact that they know when they get into their old age that they will have funds available to them.

This is done as a form of protection, which in essence, is the same thing that a person is doing when they are buying gold.

However, it is actually safer to buy up gold, as something could happen to the social security program of the US Money Reserve, and any other place that you put your money, but no one is going to change the value of gold. It is highly unlikely that gold will ever not be of value in the World, which is why it is so safe to possess –

Gold and other precious metals are seen as a way of backing up currencies of the world, and for good reason. Gold really was the first form of currency and since that time and that’s what US Money Reserve is trying to do, it has remained the same, which makes buying gold one of the smartest things that a person can do according to CBS News.

This is not to say that you should put all of your money into gold, as it is a good idea to not put all of your eggs in one basket, especially if you are trying to drastically grow your wealth through investments. Even if you did want to spend a decent amount of your money investing in things that may be on the more risky side, if you do put a certain percentage into gold, you will be protecting at least some of your wealth.

There are various outlets where you can purchase gold, but a great place to purchase from is the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve creates all sorts of gold and silver coins, which are available for purchase online.

While you might want to consider buying up some of their coins, they also sell bars of gold, which range from single ounces, all the way up to kilo bricks of gold, which cost just over forty thousand dollars at the current moment. Putting a few of these away in a safe or a safety deposit box could back up a families wealth permanently.

Failure Is Part Of The Success Process, Don’t Let You Dreams Go

The wise person who said that success doesn’t come easy was never wrong. The road to achieving success is indeed very tough. Many people admire success and its achievers but don’t know what it takes to be successful. This is because most people want to be associated with success, and no one wants to walk the bumpy road to success. If you ask any successful person how they were able to achieve such great success with their ambitions, their story will surprise you. You will be able to realize that the word success doesn’t come easy and sweet as it sounds. Most people set goals for themselves and give up when the path starts getting rough. Others are always on the right path of success, but just one failure brings them down.

The great achievers will tell you that they failed a lot of times before they reached their goals. They will also tell you that they failed till they came to terms with failure and accepted it as part of the success process. Take a look at the great achievements in the field of science and technology taking the example of the airplane.

The early engineers of this amazing flying wonder endured years and years of failure only to realize a great success at the end. This teaches you that if you fail to reach your goal, this time, you should realize that maybe next time you will be able to achieve them. You should be determined and have a positive mentality to be able to move beyond the limitations of your failure to reach the great success. Having the right thoughts and the right determination will help you achieve your goals and end up being successful.

VTA Publications is a firm that was established in 2012 as online learning resource center and event organizer. This firm is specialized in the development of online material in economics and finance. This firm works with the best practicing experts in this fields to offer its clients top quality learning material. This firm serves different classes of clients globally such as individuals, businesses, and institutions.

VTA Publications is dedicated to providing its clients with customized learning modules that favor them. This firm organizes financial and economic events across the globe. In this events VTA Publications works with its associates to offer economic and financial advice to new and emerging entrepreneurs in the business market. This firm has motivated and empowered numerous entrepreneurs towards achieving their success in the business market.  They have tons of blog posts too, with a load of useful information. Check out MoreMoneyReview to see how their tips have helped others in their practical application.

Thor Halvorssen Explains Socialism

Thor Halvorssen was recently a featured guest on Fox Business Network’s show “The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.” He was interviewed for his perspective on the democratic socialist principles being promoted as part of the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen is the founder and current president of the Human Rights Foundation, which is headquartered in New York City. Halvorssen has a long track record as an advocate for human rights on the international scene. He has also worked as a film producer in the area of public policy. Halvorssen is from Venezuela and has worked tirelessly to fight political oppression and support human rights in that country specifically. Halvorssen and his family have had quite the experience fighting the oppression of the authoritarian Venezuelan government. Both Halvorssen’s father and first cousin were held as political prisoners by the Venezuelan government, and his mother was shot during a peaceful political protest. These personal experiences give Halvorssen unique insight into the dangers of allowing socialist policies to centralize excessive power for the government.


In the interview for Fox Business Network, Thor Halvorssen explains the basic realities of socialism to the audience. He says that the realities of socialism are much different than the ideals discussed by academics or taught in courses. Rather, socialism can mean the redistribution of resources and the potential centralization of power in the hands of the national government. Halvorssen’s main concern is that if there are not enough appropriate checks and balances already in place, then socialism can result in the central government exercising too much control over the lives of its people and using that power for pure political gain. Halvorssen points to the example of Venezuela as a warning sign for the audience against this type of reality.
Although Halvorssen has concerns over the potential problems with socialist policies, he still supports Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. He says that Hillary’s unscrupulous ties to known dictatorships around the world are far more of a threat to human rights than Sanders’ support of democratic socialist policies to help the lower classes of society.

iFunding Enables Crowdfunding Investments in Real Estate

William Skelley has been invited to join an elite group of real estate moguls in a group called the: ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.’ He was invited by Michael Stoler to represent for the company he founded, iFunding, along with other top real estate figures in America, such as CIT, Cushman and Wakefield, Kushner Companies, the Carlyle Group, and Merrill Lynch. Michael Stoler founded and remains the Managing Director of Madison Realty Capital.

Stoler is also the host of the very popular The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report, which is a weekly television show that he will feature Skelley. The show has been going for 15 years, presenting all the business trends in the tri-state area. This is an important show and a great opportunity for iFunding to be seen by a much wider audience. The connections and exposure should bring an increased interest in Crowdfunding real estate investing.

The show episode will be on the commercial real estate’s evolution. Skelley will be joining a panel on the show that will include Paul Braungart, the founder and president of Regional Capital Group. His iFunding company implements the radical new concept in Crowdfunding investments: online group investments in large real estate opportunities. This is a new concept that he invented out of his ideas for ‘alternative investing.’ iFunding gains great returns on investments for their clients by partnering with good real estate firms that have great track records. His clients are able to make investments in real estate that were never available for such low capital individuals in the past.

On his Blog, Skelley stated that he started iFunding to give ‘the little guy’ access to major real estate opportunities. It has under written $2 billion in real estate transactions. Skelley’s idea grew out of ‘disruptive innovation’, a concept taught to him by Dr. Clayton Christensen, his professor at Harvard Business School. Skelley was a principle for Rose Park Advisors, which was founded and operated by Christensen. He has advised some start-up companies and worked for other companies, such as Bain Capital, Olympus, and General Electric. He attended both Hobart College and Harvard Business School.  Follow the iFunding CEO on Twitter, where William Skelley keeps the public updated about how his crowdfunding platform is operating.

An Insight On Brian Bonar, A Finance Expert, And His Business Achievements.

There are very few, if any, financial experts in the current business market who can match up with Brian Bonar both in terms of experience and skills. Brian Bonar has been in the business market as a financial expert from the time he started his career at IBM U.K.

According to his Facebook page, He worked with this firm for more than 17 years where he got the necessary experience to move on and prosper in his future career endeavors. From IBM U.K, Brian Bonar went on to work for numerous other prosperous firms in the business market. This firms put him in the spotlight for him to join Dalrada Financial Corporation where he currently works. At Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar has been able to reach the peak of his career.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is a business enterprise that has specialized in providing financial services to SMEs in the American market. This firm solely serves the United States firms and businesses. Brian Bonar is this firm’s president and chief executive officer currently.

He became part of the Dalrada Financial Corporation executive team in 1995 when he joined the firm’s Board of Directors. From 1999 to currently, he has been serving on the firm’s Board of Directors as its Chairman. Brian Bonar has been the Chief Operating Officer and President of Dalrada Financial Corporation from am 1997 and the CEO from 1998.

Brian Bonar’s career in the financial sector has also been developed by other prominent firms such as; the California-based manufacturer, Bezier Systems; San Jose-based laser printer developer, Adaptec Inc.; Alabama-based laser printer developer, Rastek Corporation; and Alabama-based printing solutions provider QMS Inc. In this firms, Brain Bonar works in different capacities that helped improve his business skills.

The finance sector has been Brian Bonar’s piece of cake. After long term experience, he understands well the operations of this sector. According to Brian Bonar, the finance sector has played a major role in the growth of the business market. He said that this sector is the backbone of the business industry as it facilitates movement of funds and capital across the market. The finance sector in the business markets also plays a significant role in the facilitation of transactions.

One of the major areas in which the finance industry has been greatly successful in the business market is the SMEs sector. This industry has supported the growth of numerous SMEs the market. This through helping them to raise enough capital for their activities internally.

This firm also helps its clients access funding from financial institutions in the market. On top of this vital assistance, these firms offer their clients business advice on how well to manage their capital for optimum growth of their businesses. Brian Bonar’s Dalrada Financial Corporation is one of the best finance firms in the American market.