Connecting The World With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, a video communication service, brings people together, not only with the products it markets but also by the way it operates. Its success depends on communication between their expert team members and the folks all over the world who want to connect with each other in amazing and innovative ways and the ones who want to join in the promotion and sale of the products offered by Talk Fusion.

In countries all over the world, associates who independently promote the products of Talk Fusion make it possible for anyone who owns a PC, cell phone or tablet that is equipped with a camera and has access to the internet to take advantage of the video technology that they offer.

Video conferences and live meetings, custom designed video email with over 1000 templates from which to choose, video newsletters that reflect your style and video chat that makes connecting across the miles easy and fun are all products offered by Talk Fusion. The miles between people seem to disappear as they communicate with no delays or annoying interruptions and with astounding clarity.

The secret to the success of Talk Fusion can be traced to the talent and dedication of the founder and CEO, Bob Reina. He worked hard as a student at the University of South Florida and graduated first in his class at the Tampa Police Academy, while holding down at least two jobs. During his time as a police officer, Bob was presented the Award of Merit.

When Bob began working part-time in direct selling as a full-time police officer, it didn’t take long for him to decide to change careers. When he left the police department and the income that came with it, some people thought it was a reckless move. However, his hard work and determination soon brought the vision he had to reality. These days, Bob Reina continues to spend his time and energy bringing the people of the world together with the technology of Talk Fusion. He also is an advocate for helpless animals, supporting non-profit organizations that offer services to help them.

Coriant Completes Field Test and Demostration

Coriant Effectively Field Tested and Demonstrated the Elastic Optical Network

The field testing and demonstration of the Elastic Optical Network was successfully completed in the month of March 2016. Coriant developed the Cloud Wave Optics to power the 400 G 64QAM and 128QAM. The tests resulted with maximum speed, efficiency, and capacity in optical transmission. Results were achieved using flex-rated component technologies and live links of a service provider in Europe. The test was conducted on March 22nd and the demonstration was exhibited during the same week.


Module structures were used with the transmission of multiple 200G channels and 610km distance to demonstrate bandwidth variable capabilities and marginal performance. The 400G channels were tested over an 80km in distance, which resulted in high performance and reliable transmission distance. When the 400G 64QAM and 128QAM was powered by Cloud Wave Optic, the system demonstrated quick transmission. The Cloud Wave solution conglomerates an engine processing signal, photonics optimized integration, and networks with embedded software. Participants of the field trial were Idealist and Celtic Plus Saser.


Coriant is the developer of network product solutions installed to SDN enabled IP/MPLS to enhanced optimization and service presentation. Six months ago, Coriant welcomed Shaygan Kheradpir to the team of executive as the CEO. Before accepting the leadership role, he was chief executive officer of Juniper Networks and Operating Partner of Marlin Equity Partner. While a partner at Marlin, Kheradpir implemented strategies for investments into telecom and technology industries. Shaygan Kheradpir served on various boards, including the U.S. National Institute of Standard & Technology and Cornell University Engineering Council. He is presently serving on the Board of Coriant as Chairman, which was finalized near the end of September 2015.


Kheradpir is involved in the company’s endeavors to grow networking solutions that expands to global markets. He entered Coriant with patents for telecom, payment and media technologies. Coriant has been in business for almost three years and successfully built a remarkable clientele in parts of Asia, North America, and Germany. It is one of the fastest growing startup network companies over the world.


Coriant global executive teams are satisfied with the field tests and demonstrations of the Elastic Optical Network. All test results achieved rapid transmission speed, performance, capabilities, and distance range. Cloud Wave Optics was exhibited at the 2016 OFC in March, along with other platforms, including Grove G-3. Coriant is a certified provider and carrier of mTera and transport packets.

Thor Halvorssen Explains Issues with Socialist Policies

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been campaigning for president of the U.S. based on democratic socialist ideals, which seem to be resonating with parts of the lower and middle classes. America seems to be at a turning point politically, and understanding exactly how a democratic socialist agenda could affect our country is critical for the upcoming election.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Thor Halvorssen took the time to explain what we should be mindful of in embracing democratic socialist policies and how the country could be radically changed if they are implemented. Halvorssen is the founder and current president of the Human Rights Foundation and has spent his life fighting vigorously for human rights through civil liberty and individual freedom around the globe. His perspective on the issue of democratic socialism is particularly interesting given his personal struggles at the hand of an authoritarian regime based on socialist principles. Halvorssen’s own father was imprisoned by the Venezuelan government for purely political reasons, and his mother was shot at a political protest in Venezuela. Right now, Halvorssen’s cousin is currently a political prisoner in Venezuela.

In the interview with Fox News, Thor Halvorssen explains that while democratic socialism can seem like a great idea in a textbook for increasing the overall prosperity of a country, especially considering the plight of the lower classes, it can often lead to the government overstepping its bounds and taking more power from its citizens that it is entitled. Under the guise of socialism, Halvorssen warns that authoritarian regimes can thrive because people turn over their rights to private property and the free market is no longer allowed to dictate economic policy. Halvorssen is much more confident in the forces of the free market to help people prosper at a higher level than entrusting the government with additional power to control the economy.

Interestingly, even though Halvorssen is a bit leery of Senator Sanders’ economic ideas, he contributed the maximum amount an individual is allowed to under U.S. campaign finance laws to the Sanders campaign. Halvorssen is confident that Sanders is a superior choice to Hillary Clinton for president.