How the DeVos Family Shares a Portion of Their Wealth With America

The DeVos family has established a place for itself in America due to their regular donations aimed at improving the lives of millions of people. Very few people understand that not everything comes from their government when it comes to the funding of critical sectors such as health and education and this is where people like Dick DeVos come in handy. His family has been a regular donor to both private and public organizations such as universities and hospitals. The family also donates to Christian organizations such as the Christian Learning Center and other religious groups in order to promote harmony among American citizens.

Most of DeVos’ charity organizations concentrate on donating to the community especially in education and health. The youth also receive their share so that they can improve their lives. Youth groups such as the Boys and Girls Club have benefited immensely from programs that have been created by the DeVos family foundation. According to MLive, these programs are aimed at promoting education among the youth. Based on MLives’ findings, 48% of donations from the DeVos family went to education, 27% was spent on health, while 13% was spent on faith-based groups and the church.

Dick was born in a family of entrepreneurs in 1955. His father was the co-founder of Amway in which he later became president in 1993 to 2002. According to his LinkedIn, Dick has a business administration Bachelor’s degree from Northwood University. He also attended Wharton School and the Harvard Business School. Due to his success in business and charity work, he has received three honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University.

Currently, Mr. Dick DeVos is The Windquest Group’s president. The firm converts byproducts produced during the manufacturing process into electricity. As the president, he has led the company to be on the forefront when it comes to maintaining a clean environment and sound economic practices.

I appreciate the important donations from the philanthropy-minded DeVos family. The DeVos Children’s Hospital has healed hundreds if not thousands of children through skilled nurses, surgeons, doctors, and the nursing aid staff. I also acknowledge the numerous jobs that Mr. Dick DeVos has created in many cities especially in Michigan.

Dick has also given significant portions to education, most specifically the aviation high school he founded, West Michigan Aviation Academy. DeVos is not only passionate about education, but flight holds a special place in his heart as well as he is a airplane and helicopter enthusiast, so the school is a perfect blend of both his passions.

When it comes to Art, I can confirm that ArtPrize has enabled many artists to become successful because it celebrates many artists who possess a variety of talents. I think I speak for many people who have enjoyed and utilized gifts from Dick Devos and his family.

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Meet Grand Rapids Billion Dollar Donor to Education and the Arts

Grand Rapids is home to one of the most generous families in the United States. The DeVos family has donated over $1.2 billion dollars over time. The DeVos faimly donated over $94 million dollars in 2014 earning them a spot in the top 20 on the Forbes Top 50 Givers list.

The magazine has been after this information from the DeVoses for years. They finally disclosed the amount believing that if they did, then it would increase generosity worldwide. Here is a link to the original article: The family is known all over for their generosity.

Dick DeVos started his business career as the president of the NBA franchise Orlando Magic. For three years he held that position until he became the president of Amway. His last year at Amway the company reported over$4.5 billion in revenue. His expertise in business lead him to the position he holds now as president of the Winqduest Group.

He founded the Educated Freedom Fund. The fund awarded over 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged students including some students of his self-founded high school, West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Dick has been a part of extremely large projects in his community including a $75 million arena and a $130 million heart hospital. His devotion to the community is well renowned. He often uses his own social media to express his excitement for developments in local businesses and individuals and to give his gratitude to those who thank him for his efforts.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

He also served on the Board Of Education. He and his wife Betsy DeVos founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The two have donated countless funds to causes such as education, justice, community, arts, and leadership. The 50 year old Northwood University graduate has continued to leave a legacy of philanthropy that will be unmatched.

Brenda Wardle on the Oscar Pistorius Trial

The Oscar Pistorius trial was for the murder of Steenkamp. The South African athlete was sentenced up to five years in prison with Judge Thokozile Masipa who delivered a verdict that Pistorius was not guilty of murder but guilty of the culpable homicide of Steenkamp and reckless handling of a firearm at a restaurant. Steenkamp, a model and girlfriend to Pistorius was shot and killed by Pistorius at his Pretoria home. Pistorius agreed to have shot Steenkamp but said he had mistaken her for an intruder. Judge President Dunstan Mlambo ruled in the South African High court in Pretoria that the entire trial is broadcasted live via radio and television. On the day of the trial, a witness testified to have heard gunshots and a woman’s scream from Pistorius house. After several testimonies, the court arrived at a verdict which held that the state hadn’t proved beyond reasonable doubt that Pistorius was guilty of murder. Judge Masipa however, found Pistorius guilty of reckless handling of a firearm in another incident as well as the culpable homicide of Steenkamp which was a lesser offense and a possible alternative verdict. The Oscar Pistorius trial has been analyzed extensively by a world-renowned legal analyst Brenda Wardle.

Brenda Wardle other than being a mother of four and grandmother, she too is the Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law (Pty) Ltd. Wardle a famous legal analyst has provided legal analysis in South Africa, the United Kingdom among other countries for various high profile cases. Brenda Wardle is a qualified graduate with an intermediary degree in criminal justice administration. She also is a Bachelor of Law degree holder with twelve modules cum laude. Wardle has also completed the masters of Law degree with courses in advanced constitutional law and fundamental rights, forensic medicine to name a few.

Having published many articles for the South African Attorneys Journal as well as articles on section 100 Interventions by national departments in provinces among others, she also has been interviewed by numerous broadcasting corporations both in South Africa and abroad for the analysis of the Oscar Pistorius trial among other high profile cases. Wardle hits the nail on the head with her analysis on various cases not forgetting the Pistorius case which she extensively covered and wrote a book on giving the readers an overview of the law practice in the Republic of South Africa.

Brenda Wardle discussing the Oscar Pistorius Trial:

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US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Calls For The End Of The Penny

CNBC Squawk Box recently published an interview with US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl on the slow death of the penny. The video may be found at the end of this article, and the article explains Diehl’s thoughts on the penny. Diehl was the 35th director of the US Mint, and he is still working to help the penny die a dignified death.

#1: The Penny Costs Too Much To Produce

Every penny that is created costs 1.8 cents to produce. Mr. Diehl notes that people who bend over to pick up a penny will make less than a minimum salary for picking up the penny, and the coin is draining the resources of the mint. There are many arguments to keep the penny, but Mr. Diehl disagrees on all fronts.

#2: The Loss Of The Penny Will Not Cause Inflation

Many proponents of the penny have argued the coin’s loss would cause a small amount of inflation to occur, but Philip notes that there is no substance to this argument at all. Philip notes that only 25% of sales are made in cash, and that is a small number compared to 25 years ago when the penny was first on the chopping block. Inflation cannot occur when only a quarter of all purchases are made using pennies.

#3: Price Fluctuation

Price fluctuations have been used by the penny lobby as a reason to keep the penny, and Mr. Diehl believes that companies around the world would simply make small changes to their prices. Companies would not want to trouble their customers over a few pennies, and many transactions do not involve pennies at all. Every retailer in America could recalculate prices to help ensure pennies are no longer an issue.

Philip has noted that the companies who make penny blanks, zinc producers and companies who make penny stamps would lose out if the penny dies. Keeping the penny around is a money-losing endeavor, and Philip wants these competing interests to bow out for the sake of the US Mint. The penny war continues, but Philip Diehl makes strong points concerning the penny’s demise.

Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is a play on words that incorporates a positive attitude toward autism while rocking with some of the world’s most famous music stars, like Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Snoop Dogg, who do benefits to raise money for research. Autism Research Trust (ART) started when Sanjay Shah and his family became personally involved with this condition when his son Nikhil became diagnosed with autism at two years of age.

Sanjay Shah wanted to do more to help the world of autism and quickly set about inquiring at local Dubai Autism Centre in 2011 and found out they needed new minibuses. After 20 years in banking at some of the most prestigious facilities in the world, such as Merrill Lynch, and investment banks that include Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, the Dutch Bank Rabobank and ING, he quietly donated a couple of Hyundai vehicles.

Sanjay Shah still felt the need to do more and decided to return to his music roots and hold music events to raise funds for the Autism Research Trust. There were others who became interested and one night DJ Dany Neville of Radio 1 phoned and asked if he could bring Snoop Dogg around to Sanjay’s Dubai villa for the afternoon. One thing led to another and the Blended festival came together with a list of well-known stars. All proceeds went to the UK-based ART, with more promotions planned for the future.

The Cambridge University ARC has 15 long-term and ongoing research projects intent on identifying and evaluating certain types of interventions and support to help assist people with autism for the rest of their lives. One of these efforts recently discovered through magnetic resonance imaging that different parts of the brain are affected depending on the gender of the individual. Females are under-recognised and misunderstood and new methods implemented to assist them in faster progress.

As Sanjay Shah became more involved with his son’s autism, he started his own company Solo Capital. He is now semi-retired and spends most of his time arranging events for Autism Rocks that fund research at the Autism Research Centre (ARC), Cambridge University.