Heads Propaganda, The Game Changer In The Advertising Industry

Heads Propaganda is a marketing and advertising firm that was established in 1989. Claudio Loureiro and Jose Buffo formed the company. The advertising corporation’s headquarters are located in Curitiba, Brazil. Heads Propaganda was featured in the 20 largest privately owned corporations in Brazil. When the company was being formed, Brazil’s economy was still weak but the two founders decided to push through. Their endeavor to set up an advertising agency has been successful, as the company has gained global reputation owing to its consumer-oriented services.

Heads Propaganda is dedicated towards providing its consumers with innovative products and services that will enable their business attract and retain many consumers in the market. The 200 employees of Heads Propaganda are passionate about what they do and have heavily invested in their work. Heads is interested in gaining knowledge to the different consumer needs as they offer their services. By offering unlimited advertisement, the company ensures that it focuses on the specific target market in order to have much impact to their consumers. The advertising firm dabbles in media and communication by offering services that their competitors have been unable to offer.

Heads Propaganda has forged good relationships with their clients by incorporating their client’s original ideas and turning them into reality. This relationship extends to the various consumers of the brands that Heads has been working with. The research and creation of new solutions for their clients’ problems has led the company to enjoy immense success. The company’s profit is rapidly growing and with new technology being incorporated, the company expects to continue expanding its operations to other region of the globe. The company’s main clients are Caixa Seguradora, Arbor, Caixa, 3M, Petrobras, Positivo Informatica and Grupo Boticario

Claudio Loureiro is a Brazilian native who was born in Curitiba. The successful entrepreneur is the Chief Executive Officer of Heads Propaganda and Claudio is a talented advertising executive. Upon completion of his high school education, Claudio joined University Pontifica at Parana where he received his undergraduate law degree. Claudio is a man of many talents. He was among the associate producers of the famous film Rio, I Love You. Claudia also produces Broadway musicals. Loureiro is part of the negotiators responsible for bringing Woody Allen to Rio de Janeiro.

Owing to his experience in the advertising industry, Claudio has received a number of accolades such as the Colunistas best advertising professional of the year award. He won the CRPcom social responsibility category award in 2013. Claudio is a member of the Young Presidents Organization, which is an international network for business leaders and executives.

John Textor: Executive Chairman at Pulse Evolution

John Textor is an executive chairman, a producer, inventor of the World Snowboarding Championship, and a president of a technology opportunities company. He graduated in 1987 from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. He came away from his education there with a Bachelor of Arts degree and studies in Economics. John Textor’s LinkedIn business page lists visual effects, animation, film, digital media, entrepreneurship, leadership, producing, sound, screenwriting, commercials, music videos, and television as some of his professional skills. Mr. Textor resides in the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

John Textor is currently an executive chairman at Pulse Evolution Corporation. The main office for Pulse Evolution is situated in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Pulse Evolution Corporation is seen as one of the best realistic digital developers, specializing in realistic digital human design. Pulse Evolution has also created holographic concerts for the deceased musicians: Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley, and they have others in development or consideration. The Michael Jackson hologram performing at 2014 Billboard Awards amassed thirty-five million YouTube views.

He’s produced a few films such as: Art Story (an animated feature film that hasn’t been released as of yet), Ender’s Game (he also served as executive producer), and a few shorts.

He also is president and found of Wyndcrest Holdings LLC which is a private technology opportunities company based in Florida. He has been president since 1997.

In the past he was CEO and chairman of Digital Domain from 2006-2012. Digital Domain is a digital visual design company that works with movies, commercials, and video games. When John Textor was at Digital Domain he worked on many films. Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End, Ender’s Game, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Transformers Movies, Speed Racer, The Golden Compass, Jumper, and Meet the Robinsons just to name a few. When John Textor was with Digital Domain the company won a special effects Oscar for an outstandingly believable digital human design in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Another past position John Textor had was as the president of Sims Snowboards, which inspired him to go on to create the World Snowboarding Championship.

Brad Reifler Establishes Forefront Income Trust

When it comes time to play the investment game it seems like there are more roadblocks in the way than ever for average investors to build their portfolio. The SEC isn’t malicious but their persistent reliance on accredited investors has made the market almost impossible to crack for the middle and lower income classes in the United States. That is why Brad Reifler, founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, has decided to change the game by working on it from within. Reifler established the Forefront Income Trust as a response to issues he had seen firsthand from within the market and as close to home as his own family.

In order to get the attention of most investment brokers you need to meet the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) definition of what it means to be an accredited investor. Accredited investors are given priority due to their high income and their ability to pull in more cash for brokers. An accredited investor is a person with an income exceeding $200,000 or a joint income that exceeds $300,000 total alongside of a spouse. You can also meet the definition of an accredited investor if you have a net worth of over $1 million. These rules are obviously put in place to appeal to a certain wealthy class as the far majority of people will never feet these rather high limitations. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Reifler saw first hand how hard it can be to turn a profit against the SEC’s limitations when his father in law tried to invest his life savings. His father in law wanted Reifler to invest the money in order to get something going for retirement, however the older man did not meet SEC standards as an accredited investor. As a result many doors that would have otherwise been open were immediately slammed shut, thus preventing Reifler from doing as much as possible with the mans money. As a result Reifler began the Forefront Income Trust.

The Forefront Income Trust aims to help those that are in the ‘99%’ get their investments on track. Forefront Income Trust helps those that can meet the low threshold of $2,500 and it works without relying on the stock market, thus creating a more stable investment portfolio. These investments are long term, slow growing accounts that can pay major dividends over the span of years that people leave them there.

Flavio Maluf: The Wisdom of Environmental Awareness

What if your home was the source of your unforeseen health maladies? According to Flavio Maluf, President of The Eucatex Group, and committed environmentalist, common households products may be the culprit of a toxic environment. The good news is even after years of contamination just about any home environment can be greened.

“We live in a chemical-laden culture that tends to accept the fallout from toxic-heavy metals. You can’t assume that every product found in the home is safe,” says Flavio Maluf. Glycols, lead and chromium are one example. From flooring to paints and furniture, your homestead could be a casual dumping zone of hazardous chemicals.

What Compounds Are Lurking?

Formaldehyde and other toxic gases
Solvents and other volatile pollutants (VOC)
Heavy metals and other inorganic pollutants

Indoor air is typically poor due to ventilation, and our constant exposure to chemicals, and this exposure creates the so-called sick building syndrome, and arises only after years of constant contact.

Facebook says that these components are used in common household products, including furniture, carpeting, water-based paints and other ideal building materials. A few critical changes can bring a fresh healthy option.

An Easy Way to Make a Difference

There’s a reason “greening” has been a buzzword for over a decade. People are becoming smarter about the fundamental value of eco-friendly products, and the impact on everyone’s quality of life..Children, because of their still un-matured organs, are more In many cases, indoor air quality is almost five times worst than outdoors, and unsurprisingly, there’s a link among an increase in asthma and allergies, and indoor air pollutants vulnerable than adults. Maluf and his company has spotlighted the known toxic compounds found in common home furnishings, and some highly suspicious new ones. More importantly, Maluf’s company, Eucatex is showing the world how eco-oriented products can make a profound difference in our lives.

Since 1951, Eucatex has been deep-rooted in producing green building materials, as well as finding ways to keep our footprint small. Inspired by his family’s growing commitment to biodiversity, Flavio Maluf has successfully expanded the Eucatex Group into a profitable, high-impact eco-friendly company that makes homes comfortable, while preserving our environment. Brazilian-based Eucatex has been continuously honored with that distinction since its founding by the Maluf Family.

“For the most part, everyone wants clear air, but far too many of us fail to control the forces that impact our environment,” says Maluf. With the use of biologically-oriented products, the risk of indoor pollutants is diminished. Efforts should be made in advance to control and avoid known pollutants like those found in flooring, furnishings, and paint materials. Today, collaboration among environmental groups and the Maluf family is a display of constructive action, and a lot of that satisfaction is our awareness.